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            About Us

            We are a professional manufacturer of Sanitaryware with the most complete product models. Our factory is located in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province and was established more than 20 years...


            [2020-03-04] NO.125 Canton Fair
            [2018-11-23] NO.124 Canton Fair
            [2018-04-25] NO.123 Canton Fair
            [2017-12-27] India ACETECH New Delhi
            [2017-10-21] NO.122 Canton Fair

            Products Center

            Hand Dryer
            Body Dryer and Hair Dryer
            Soap Dispenser
            Paper Dispenser
            Sensor Faucet and Urinal Flusher

            Contact Us

            Ruian Roco Sanitaryware Co.,Ltd.
            TEL: +86-577-65221158
            ADD: Xinfang Industrial Zone,Tangxia Town,Ruian City,Zhejiang,China

            TEL: +86-577-65221158ADD: Xinfang Industrial Zone,Tangxia Town,Ruian City,Zhejiang,ChinaICP18031267̖
            All Rights Reserved: Ruian Roco Sanitaryware Co.,Ltd.